5 Interesting Facts About Japan You Need to Know!

5 Interesting Facts About Japan

1- Capsule hotels

If we are talking about the facts about Japan, we need to put the capsule hotels at the beginning. First operating in 1979 in Osaka, Japan, capsule hotels are cheaper and more practical as an alternative to expensive hotels in the city center. After Japan, these hotels, which are now available in crowded countries such as England, Russia, Singapore, and China, are becoming more and more popular. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on hotels, capsule hotels can be a very good alternative accommodation option for you. Here you can sleep, take a shower and continue your tour in a short time after you get rested.


2- High literacy rate

If we are talking about Japan, it would be impossible not to mention the literacy rate of up to 100%. In addition to its high literacy rate, Japan stands out with its many features such as, well-established universities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, well-established companies where you can make a career after graduation, 19 Nobel Prizes, and an education system that is in the top 50 in the world rankings. While the bachelor’s and master’s degree rates exceed 50% in Japan, it surpasses the United States and many European countries along with its adult literacy rate. If you want to study abroad, Japan may be a good option for you.


3- Crazy vending machines

The other thing in our facts about Japan list is the vending machines! Don’t be surprised if you see too many vending machines while walking the streets in Japan. Because the Japanese have over 5 million vending machines. Vending machines, which were first introduced in 1888 to sell cigarettes, vending machines today meet all your needs from food to magazines and clothing. You can find all your needs on the streets in Japan with the help of these vending machines. Products such as eggs, rice, umbrellas, bouquets, toilet paper, and fish are just a few of the many products you can buy from vending machines.


4- The secret of long life

As we mentioned above, thanks to its traditions, food, and unique culture, Japan is a country that many people watch with admiration. In addition, the secret of a long life is another prominent feature of Japan. Today, according to statistical data, over 50,000 people in Japan are 100+ years old. Also, one day of the year in Japan is the “respect for the elderly” day and is a national holiday. When people asked what the secret of a long life is to older people in Japan, some of them say they eat little, while others say they meditate.


5- High suicide rate

While Japan stands out as one of the best and safest countries in the world to study and pursue a career, it is also an intimidating country due to its high suicide rate. So why is the suicide rate so high in Japan, which is the center of attention with its culture, food, and entertainment industry? Two of the factors that draw the most attention and make up approximately 25% of the causes of suicide events are financial and work problems.

As it is known, Japan is a very strict country in business, and the Japanese respect their work so much. For example, even if you finish your work, it is considered a big shame to leave your work before your boss. It is also known that some Japanese people die while working so much. Due to all these difficulties, work problems are the first cause of suicide. One of the popular methods chosen by the Japanese to commit suicide is to go to the forest called Aokigahara at the foot of Mount Fuji and wait for death there.


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