5 Fascinating Facts About Japan You Never Knew

5 Fascinating Facts About Japan

Do you want to know more facts about Japan? As you know, Japan differs from other countries in many ways, such as its culture, history, technology, fascinating landscapes, and buildings. Millions of tourists visit Japan every year to see its beauties. Japan, which is also a very good country for studying or pursuing a career, has many well-established universities and companies. In this article, we have listed the most interesting facts that differ Japan from other countries.

1- All Students Clean The School After Class

Yes, this is right! In Japan, students clean the school after classes. Every day all students spend about 20 minutes cleaning their school after class. In this way, students learn to take responsibility and plan things at a young age. At the same time, students see this practice as an opportunity to spend more time and socialize with students in other classes and their teachers. In this way, they meet and socialize with new students.

Also, the entire world was taken aback when Japanese football fans stayed in the stadium after the matches during the 2018 World Cup to help the stadium workers to clean up. Specifically, they did this regardless of who won the match or not. It seems like cleanliness is an important part of Japanese culture.

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2- The Drainage Channels of the Streets Are So Clean That Koi Fish Live in It!

Here we can understand how clean Japan is. In 1792, a tsunami occurred due to an earthquake on the island of Kyushu. This tsunami and earthquake triggered freshwater resources in Shimabara town. Since then, Koi fish have been living in freshwater canals in the city of Shimabara. Considering that koi fish live only in clean waters, we can understand how high-quality this water is.

3- Many Sinks Are Located On The Top Of The Toilet Tanks

Many homes in Japan have this type of toilet. These toilet bowls allow them to use the same water that they use to wash their hands to flush the toilet afterwards. In this way, they save a significant amount of water. Considering the future of the world, I think this is something everyone should do. A brilliant way to save water!

4- They Developed Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt For Hours

We all know very well how much technology and science have developed in Japan. What if I told you the Japanese have developed ice cream that won’t melt for hours! Yes! Japanese scientists have discovered a new component that allows ice creams to melt much more slowly. They named this ingredient “Kanazawa Ice” which means “not melting popsicles”. Thanks to Kanazawa Ice, now ice creams can withstand up to 104 degrees and keep their shape.

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5- You Have To Take Off Your Shoes When Entering Houses in Japan!

The Japanese never enter their houses with shoes on. They are also required to take off their shoes even when entering some restaurants and temples. If you ever travel to Japan, keep this information in mind. If you see shoes and slippers on the floor while entering a place in Japan, know that you have to take off your shoes to enter that place.

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