An Interesting Service Called “Rent a Sister” in Japan


What is “Rent a Sister”?

Rent a Sister is a service where men can rent a sister-like figure to spend time with them. The service is intended to provide emotional support and companionship. The sisters are not blood-related.

Hikikomori is a Japanese youth who isolates himself from society, never leaves his room, doesn’t work, and lives with his family. These young people isolate themselves from society and just play video games and watch television shows in their rooms. Hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in Japan continue their lives as hikikomori. This situation is also very difficult for their families. Many families hide the fact that their child is a hikikomori from other people.

Rent a sister in Japan
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An organization called “New Start” has developed a service to deal with this situation. The “Rent a Sister” service aims to reintegrate young people who have locked themselves in their rooms. Families who want to benefit from the service pay a fee of approximately 100,000 yen. Then a rental sister takes these men out to reintegrate them into society, and they have fun, eat, and hang out together. Rental sisters aren’t specially trained. One of the sisters says: “I just pretend to be myself and put myself in hikikomori’s shoes. I’m not doing anything special.”

One hikikomori that got benefits from this service says: “I love seeing my rental sister. We go out to eat and hang out. I feel that she supports me. Compared to how I feel when I’m alone, it really makes a huge difference.”

The organization also offers a service to hikikomori where they can socialize in a place where video games aren’t allowed. Thus, people suffering from this problem can socialize with each other in this place and stay away from video games.

How did Rent a Sister start?

The concept of Rent a Sister started in Japan as a way to combat loneliness and isolation. Many people in Japan work long hours and do not have time for social activities. The idea of renting a sister-like figure to provide companionship became popular in Japan in the early 2000s.

rent a sister in japan

How does Rent a Sister work?

Renting a sister is similar to renting any other service. Men can choose from a list of sisters available for rent and can rent them for a set amount of time. The sisters will then spend time with the men, offering emotional support and companionship. The services provided by the sisters vary, but they can include activities such as going out to eat, watching a movie, or simply having a conversation.

Who uses Rent a Sister?

Rent a Sister is mainly used by men who are feeling lonely or isolated. Many men who use the service are single or have busy work schedules that prevent them from socializing. Others may be going through a difficult time in their lives and need someone to talk to.

Criticisms of Rent a Sister

While Rent a Sister may seem like a harmless service, it has faced criticism from some who believe it reinforces patriarchal gender roles. Some critics argue that the service reinforces the idea that women should provide emotional support and be subservient to men. Others argue that the service does not address the root causes of loneliness and isolation, and instead provides a temporary solution.

I hope everyone who has this problem can get healed as soon as possible. This situation is really bad and sad for them.

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